A brief

We’ll begin by discussing your business, brand values and what you’re looking for your project to achieve. This can include details about your target market, project aims, your direct competitors and discuss any technical points to consider.


With a brief in place, a budget is agreed and we begin planning. Everything here starts with the Relish Creating pencil! Conjuring up creative concepts can either be a time-consuming process or provide an instant eureka moment. However long it takes, we’ll aim for the best solution.

Develop and amend

Following presentation of creative ideas, the next stage is to listen to your feedback and comments. Development of the creative at this stage to suit your needs and tastes can ensure a successful final outcome.

 Create and finalise

With the creative proposal agreed, we then move forward to finalise the project. A proposed deadline for completion is always set on the calendar, so when we come to add any finishing touches and to check for dots on letters that need them, we make sure we’re ready on time.


Deliver the goods

Final files for your project can be delivered to you or if anything needs to go to a printer, publication or website, we can arrange that too. Rest assured once the work has been completed, we’ll continue to liaise with you for however long is necessary to make sure you’re happy with the entire process.



Feedback from you in terms of the creative performance is vital. We are then able to adapt where necessary for future performance of your project. Did the campaign or project meet your expectations? Was the budget realistic for your needs? Let us know so that we can help you even more in the future.


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